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Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.

The Alice Leighton Cleather Basil Crump 1929 attack on Theosophy
Teaching planned by Hierarchy
No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
Pre Adamic Satanic Races
The Golden Wheel Head Centre
Shigatse and Tda-shi-Hlumpo Monastery
The Forbidden City
Red Caps and Sect Worship
Five India's
The Lotus Sleep
Entrenched with Debt
Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
HPB: The Hierarchial Link
The Ocean of Reasoning: Tsong Khapa
The Essence of True Eloquence: Tsong khapa
A Golden Lotus Sutra
Three buddhic vestures, three human vehicles.
The Source Measure 43
Third sub plane of the Fifth manasic plane
Initiations and Atomic Matter
Telepathic/Etheric Transmission
Divine Light of the Cosmic Atom
Book of Imperfections
Magnetic power of Master
Formula of Creative Combinations
Golden Rays of the Sun
Radiation of the Master
Etheric plane vibrational frequencies
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Formula of Karmic Mass: Km = mdlc²
Differentiated Molecules
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"the central triangle at the heart"
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Significance of the year 1945
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August Neptune: Arisen over the Horizon
Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.
Thomas Alva Edison
J.W. Keely, un-conscious Occultist. A "natural-born magician."
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Earth Kundilini Base Scheme, Eventual Heart Triangle
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The Roman Empire

In connection with a planet, they are called by a mysterious name which may not be revealed, as it conceals the mystery of the scheme which preceded ours, and of which ours is a reproduction. TCF 780.
Conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme. TCF 417. I see the fourth scheme as fourth 'Earth, Kundilini Base Scheme,' demonstrating as a non sacred scheme of great suffering [planetary avitchi on earth], like no other scheme, i.e. transmuting energy from the etheric un-named scheme of systemic avichi the third major, eight rejected scheme, its triple kundilini fires of the previous SS… JPC.


The above from my previous paper, 'Earth Kundilini Base, Eventual Heart Triangle'. The below passages from DK inform us of this our fourth scheme being a "reproduction" of the previous scheme which should remain un-named.


It provides us further hints, covering the nature of pitris/devas, a certain group from the previous dissolving scheme who were carried into this as a reproduction. Their "mysterious" name is not given as it would reveal the "mystery of the scheme which preceded ours."  DK goes on to tell us that there are energy/devas reaching the knowledge petals of the solar lotus via the manasic permanent atom Saturn scheme, which constitute a type of deva not much considered and are "not" lunar devas.


They come in from that cosmic dying moon of a solar system relating to ours as the moon relates to earth chain. Let us consider that this forth scheme is a scheme of great suffering like no other, as DK says.


I submit that the third dissolving un-named scheme, of "systemic avitchi," is as hinted, the scheme upon which ours is reproduced having absorbs the 'lower, negative' aspect of energised matter/substance. This deva essence, which is also "un-named" enters the knowledge petals of Solar, planetary, and human causal body! Thus pertaining to some part the lower aspect of the knowledge petals which in un-foldment must be balanced by the unfolding of the love petals.


Clearly then, our Earth scheme is one of great suffering and a direct reproduction of "systemic avitchi" at this time and is a reproduction of the eighth rejected scheme, thus representing 'Earth base' which will eventually constitute a Heart triangle as the love petals in the solar lotus un-fold.


HPB informs us this planet earth is known as Myalba. Saturn planet in connection with Saturn scheme, transmits said triple energy, which includes the lowest negative un-named type into our system on a planetary level and to earth via humanity.


We might consider that just as earth planet absorbed the lunar principles due to its failure, so to did earth scheme absorb schematic principles to make up for lost time as far as the Solar Logos is concerned on a systemic level. We are left, then, pondering upon a significant role in which our earth planet and  scheme plays in planetary and schematic purpose. For though a whole scheme was indeed rejected, this state of affairs could not be left, and a major rectification is duly being made. JPC.


Conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme. TCF 417.


Myalba is our earth - pertinently called "Hell," and the greatest of all Hells, by the esoteric school. The esoteric doctrine knows of no hell or place of punishment other than on a man-bearing planet or earth. Avitchi is a state and not a locality. Voice Of The Silence HPB.


The Earth chain absorbed or synthesized the moon chain in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left. TCF 414.


This scheme, whose name must not as yet be revealed, is largely given over to deva control - the two groups of devas meeting there, and performing their function of animating the dense physical body of the Logos in the same way as the kundalini in man at this stage animates his dense physical vehicle. TCF 648.


In the dual sounding of the egoic mantram by the lowest of the three groups changes are brought about and the lunar Pitris (who concern themselves with the lower three vehicles) enter upon their work, the key being given to them by the solar Angels.


These lunar Pitris embody the substance of man's lower bodies, just as the solar Pitris sacrifice themselves to give him his egoic body, and his consciousness. 55, 56 They are substance in its dual aspect, and the Lunar Pitris in their higher grades are the positive energy of atomic substance, and in their lower are the negative aspect of the same substance. They might be considered, in connection with man, as triple in their ranks:     


The highest group of all receives the energy from the higher levels, and ensouls the spirillae of the three permanent atoms.     


The second group, being the positive energy that attracts, builds and forms the body of man on the three planes.     


The lowest group are the negative aspect of energized substance and the matter of the three sheaths.


In connection with the solar system they embody the Brahma aspect, being the product of earlier cycles wherein conscious activity was achieved, but self-consciousness was only arrived at by certain cosmic entities who passed through conscious substance, and gave to it that potentiality which will enable atomic substance - after many kalpas - to develop self-consciousness.


*In connection with a planet, they are called by a mysterious name which may not be revealed, as it conceals the mystery of the scheme which preceded ours, and of which ours is a reproduction.* There are Pitris who work in connection with a planet, and with a solar system as well as those working in connection with the human kingdom. They embody the energy of substance as demonstrated in a system, a scheme and a human cycle.


There are also in connection with our peculiar Earth scheme, those lunar Pitris. who reached their present stage of activity in the moon chain. They are deva groups but (unlike the Agnishvattas) they have not passed through the human stage; for them it has yet to be achieved. TCF 780.


e. There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petals from the manasic permanent atom. The permanent atoms of the Spiritual Triad, as well as the bodies which are built around them, *bring in certain groups of deva lives which have not as yet been much considered. They are not the lunar pitris, as that term is commonly understood, but have a direct connection with what is called "the cosmic moon" or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain.* This "cosmic moon" transmits its energy to the manasic atomic subplane, via the planet Saturn. It is a triple energy and there is an esoteric connection between this triple energy, and Saturn's rings.The old Commentary expresses this truth about an interesting group of sons of manas as follows:


"These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They chose to pass into dissolution with her, but a younger son (Saturn) sought to rescue his brothers, and to this end he built a triple bridge between the old and new. This bridge persists, and forms a path whereon escape is possible.


Some escaped and came to the help of the incarnating Sons of Mind who had left the Mother for the Father. The greater gulf was bridged. The lesser gulf persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons of Mind themselves."

      (This latter clause, refers to the building of the antahkarana.)


The energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atom of each incarnating jiva, its union with its reflection, the energy of the mental unit, and the triple stream of force thus created on the mental plane, has its planetary reflection in the relation of Saturn to another planetary scheme, and the three rings which are energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity.


f. Energy also pours in upon the knowledge petals from the egoic group, or from the aggregated knowledge petals of all the other lotuses in the group affiliated with any particular solar Angel.    These groups have been earlier dealt with.


g. *Energy is transmitted also to the petals via the groups and emanations from those planetary schemes and streams of force which form the outer petals of that great center which is our solar system, and which we are told is seen from the higher planes as a twelve-petalled lotus. These streams do not emanate from the seven sacred planets but from other planetary bodies within the solar Ring-Pass-Not.* Streams of force from the Sacred Planets play upon the central tier of petals. Herein lies a hint to the wise student, and a clue to the nature of the lower aspect of the solar Angel. TCF 1114.


Similarly it must be remembered that planetary schemes pass into obscuration and "die out," through the withdrawal in all cases of the positive life and energy and of the electric fire which is the animating principle of every system, scheme, globe, kingdom in nature, and human unit. This produces again in every case the dying out of the "solar radiance," or of the light produced by the commingling of the negative and positive energy. TCF 835.


Again, as a planetary scheme nears its consummation, it becomes "radioactive," and through radiation transfers its essence to another "absorbent planet," or planets, as is the case with a solar system also. TCF 1062.



July 2005.

Jeremy Condick.

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